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Image of a microchip

The next level of protection is here!

Chip cards are the newest standard for payment security in the U.S. Proven chip technology better protects you—and your data. Enjoy your same great benefits, now with added security.

  • Account information is locked in with the embedded chip.

  • Your account is always protected so you can take your card across the country or around the world.

  • Your account information is protected from counterfeit fraud, thanks to a unique code that's created with every purchase.

Please note: An authorized buyer's card number will be different than the primary cardmember's. The account is still shared.

Image of chip card being inserted into chip card terminal reader

Three simple ways to pay

  • Insert

    Insert the embedded chip card end of your card into the bottom slot of the chip-enabled terminal. Follow the prompts and only remove your card once the transaction is complete.

  • Tap

    If you see this symbol at checkout, you can choose to tap your card against the terminal, and then follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

  • Swipe

    Swipe the magnetic strip on the back of the card through the terminal, as you do today.

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