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Your card was mailed on: October 28th
Your New Sony CardSM

In November, Comenity Bank will acquire eligible Sony Card accounts*, and we are excited to provide service to your account.

If eligible, look for your new Sony Card to arrive within the next few weeks. It will replace your current Capital One serviced Sony Card. Any Sony Rewards points already earned will not be impacted. If you do not receive a new card prior to November 9, 2019 and your account is in good standing, please contact 1-866-518-3992 (Visa) or 1-800-695-5772 (Signature) (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788) to request one.

*If for any reason your Sony Card account issued by Capital One is not transferred to Comenity Bank, Capital One will communicate with you as necessary to continue to administer, issue and service your account.