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Cash Advance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a cash advance?
    A cash advance enables you to use your credit card to borrow and access your cash credit line at a bank or ATM. However, it must be paid back – with interest, plus applicable cash advance fees and ATM fees (if that's how you request the cash). Simply put, it's like using your credit card to borrow cash, rather than purchasing goods or services.
  • How do I take a cash advance?
    You can take a cash advance by using your credit card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) at an ATM or by showing your card and your personal identification at a bank. We don't issue convenience checks at this time.
  • What is a cash credit limit?
    A cash credit limit is the amount of your total credit limit that's available for cash advances.
  • Is my available cash advance limit different than my credit account limit?
    Yes, your available cash advance limit will be different than your credit account purchase limit. You can check your cash advance limit by signing into Account Center and viewing the Available Cash section of your Account Summary.
  • How do I get a PIN for my cash advance?
    If you need to request or change a Personal Identification Number (PIN), call Customer Care. You can find the number listed under Contact Us on the Help menu item, or on the back of your credit card. Follow the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts to set up or change your PIN. Please note, it will take up to three business days before you can use a new PIN at an ATM. If you changed your PIN, it can take up to two weeks to receive the change confirmation.
  • Are there charges or fees for a cash advance?
    A cash advance fee will be charged as a percentage of the cash advance, or as a flat rate, whichever is higher. Please refer to your credit card agreement for specific fees and rates for cash advances. It's important to remember that cash advances don't have a grace period. This means you'll begin to accumulate interest on the balance as soon as the transaction is completed ─ even when you pay your balance in full.

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